A Message of Hope was written for parents of dyslexic children to learn how they can help their struggling readers become successful readers.

Reading from Scratch is the reading program used in my research which was created with dyslexic students in mind. It is great for the one on one setting with a private tutor.

In this book are seventeen stories of working with dyslexic students, plus over fifty scientific resources supporting the successful use of music with a phonics-based reading program.

Dyslexia is a neurological issue and is not a learning disability. Students can learn to read and we are retraining the brain.

Using Music with Reading from Scratch, students made significant improvements in reading fluency and vocabulary development.

A must-read for parents and teachers who work with struggling readers. Available on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, and at Xulon Press. Schools can purchase the book from Ingram Distributors at a reduced price.